Karma Rogue

September 2, 2007


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A thought is a self-sustaining organism of logic. It is just as alive as what we see. We come into contact with dogs and cats through some senses just as we come into contact with ideas through our sense of internal existence. Thus “self-indulgence”, as a deeply rooted thought, must be viewed as an epidemic that is reproducing itself into the minds of masses and destroying much without remorse. Without seeing the life-force of this horrible creature, we shall not see its death. Instead, we shall spend time calling some good so that others can, and definitively must, be bad. Let us rise above the control of this rising life-force, an adverse creativity, by realizing its devastating hypnotic hold. When Man finally defeated and dominated Nature in the physical and external sense, the Great War between Man and Nature became internal. To realize that life-forces are existant in the realm of this “sixth sense”, the internal-sensation sense, is to realize the battle occurring as of now. So fucking fight.

Karma Rogue Statement of Truth

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Once upon a time, this website did not exist. It is unfortunate for this time to have had to exist but such atrocities occur at the same rate that they do not. Time is thankful for the fact that this moment has occurred. This moment is bold and will have no reason or motive to repent. It is here, with thanks to this substantial moment, that poetic stature is under attack by the very backbone that has lent it support all along. A revolution in meaning itself is bound to occur and only the karma rogue is mentally fit enough to conveniently execute it. Beware but do not fret. And I say: Beware but do not fret.

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